Olive Oil

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Petroni Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil was an integral part of Lorenzo’s vision when he purchased and established the winery.  He is committed to growing and producing oil that comes 100% from olive varieties not commonly found in the United States.

Therefore, in 1992 Lorenzo had 10,000 seedlings from Italy air-freighted to California; Frantoio, Moraiolo, Coratina, Pendolino and Leccino. Following grueling mandatory two year quarantine, the surviving 1,200 Olive trees were planted on the rugged and rocky hillsides of the Estate and managed according to organic principles. Since 2011 Petroni Olive Oil has been entirely produced on the property with the installation of a state of the art olive mill.

Certified Organic by the CCOF for many years now, Petroni Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil is widely considered amongst the best available due to its pungent aromas, pure, intense flavors, and distinctive character.

Available  through Petroni Vineyards Wine Club and tasting room in the 375ml bottle.

Thanks so much for our order.  I love your wines! And your Olive Oil!!  My 94-year-old Father takes a tablespoon of it every morning when he wakes up.  And, he is sharp as a tack and lives in his own home!

-Ginny Bassi

We wanted to try and see if we could get an extra bottle of olive oil (for a total of two) with our next shipment.  We have lived in Italy, Spain and visited Greece and yours is perhaps the best we have ever had.

-Gator, Tracey, Sarah & JD